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Welcome to ArtRayburn.com.  On this site I’ll be posting ministry information, insights about my personal world-view, and maybe even a little home business information ever-so-often (but not much).  Thanks for checking out my website and have a great day.

First Donation

I am very excited to announce that our first donation has been mailed in.  The amount was $125, split between “Cups of Cold Water Project” and “Samaritan’s Purse.”  This might seem like a small amount, but I think it’s a good starting point.  Let’s work together to grow our giving.  If you haven’t joined the “Love Your Neighbor Project”, I encourage you to do so now.  If you are a member, keep mailing those flyers!  May the Lord bless your efforts.


Many home business individuals work hard at building their business.  When a member’s name appears on the 3rd level of their Downline Team’s flyers, it’s proof that member has put time, effort and working capital into their business.  This also means they have generated many $25 donations for the two ministries promoted though the “Love Your Neighbor Project.”  To show how much I appreciate their effort, I have added an on-going list of these “Big-Hearted” members.   As of the time of this post, no one is listed simply for the fact that LYNP is brand new!  I am confident this list will continually grow over time.  Thanks to all LYNP members!  Keep up the good work!

Love Your Neighbor Project

The “Love Your Neighbor Project” is a Direct Mail home business program that I developed.  The first purpose of this program is to help individuals who are interested in a home business to earn extra income from home.  The second purpose of LYNP is collect and send financial contributions to impoverished individuals around the world through 2 very reputable charities.  I have placed 2 videos on the “Ministry” page to give more information about each charity.